I help you turn life’s little things into big moments.

I help you turn life’s little things into big moments.

Mind-Blowing Storyteller

Welcome to writing that embraces truth and courage, along with speaking and training experiences that will transform you into a bold and joyful thinker.

I’ve wordsmithed communications for corporate executives and faculty members with doctorate degrees, implemented skill-building plans for companies/schools big and small, and humbly served as a game-changer for victims of hate crimes and students smothered in anxiety.

Christopher Jossart, MA, SCMP

Railroaded: Framed for Murder, Fighting for Justice Available Now!

While more than a thousand miles away at the time of a horrific crime, a loving husband, father, and provider of the American Dream for hundreds of immigrants, is accused of murdering his business partner. He was the first target of longtime continued cover ups, injustice, and corruption in influential America. Learn more about the life-changing story of Sam Sommer.


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Twenty Floors Down

An interpersonal training experience with four innovative modules.

Twenty Floors Down
Self-Discovery for high school students
Leadership for college students
Employee Growth for business pros
Volunteer Development for non-profit pros


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Living Inside Hate
Wisconsin author experiences the true grip of a hate crime while making history with the justice system

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