I help turn life’s little things into big moments.

Mind-Blowing Storyteller

Welcome to writing that embraces truth and courage, along with speaking and training experiences that will transform you into a bold and joyful thinker.

I’ve wordsmithed communications for corporate executives and faculty members with doctorate degrees, implemented skill-building plans for companies/schools big and small, and humbly served as a game-changer for victims of hate crimes and students smothered in anxiety.

Christopher Jossart, MA, SCMP

Top 10 National Nonfiction Writer

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Award-winning writer and editor
Experienced speaker
27-year PR pro

Twenty Floors Down

An interpersonal training experience with four innovative modules.

Twenty Floors Down
Self-Discovery for high school students
Leadership for college students
Employee Growth for business pros
Volunteer Development for non-profit pros


Chris Becomes National Contributor!
Christopher Jossart now writes for the best-selling book series, 1 Habit!
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Chris Earns Communicator of the Year Award!
Christopher Jossart is the recipient of the 2019 Communicator of the Year award from the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations, District 3.

Notable Book Festival Welcomes Chris!
Check out Chris at the 12th Annual Fox Cities Book Festival! His storyteller session, Living Inside a Hate Crime, will be held on Monday, October 7.

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