Employee Growth for Business Pros

Are you ready to move the needle in your business from putting out fires to putting in culture?

Grow a business team ready for anything by leveraging the strengths of its people. This high octane corporate training in personal branding shows your employees who they are and what makes them tick! Team building starts with knowing your players.

Twenty Floors Down passengers turn red, laugh, fidget, and even look for the “emergency button” during this revealing experience.

Available as a morning, afternoon, or evening block.

Take your employees on an elevator experience that reveals who they are and what makes them tick!

Chris can help your company find powerful stories to engage and motivate key audiences.

Tammy Williams

Vice President, Communications & Marketing, Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region

People connect on an interpersonal level during Chris’ entire training. He’s a gifted communicator.

Joe Placek

Instructor & Program Director, Nursing Assistant Program, Nicolet College

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