Self-Discovery for High School Students


Social media and depressing news alerts have created a noise.

While digital is now a way of life, not many see its dangers.

Fact: Teens spend an average of nine hours a day on digital media.

Fact: More teens are suffering from severe anxiety than ever before.

Fact: Among people ages 15-34, suicide is now the second-leading cause of death.

No Laughing Matter

We joke about texting one another from the backseat of the same car.

We giggle at colliding into one another because our heads are buried in cell phones.

Are we teaching our younger generation how to deal with rejection in today’s digital world?

This is no laughing matter.

Let’s Do Something

Think Independently + Discover a Talent + Make a Friend = MEANING!

Twenty Floors Down is a momentous experience for high school students. They stand upright after an elevator “ride” with a fresh view on success, how to deal with failure, and a new skill.

Delivered by an award-winning PR pro, author, editor, and educator, The Passion Builder™ gives your students interpersonal life skills while setting them on a career pathway.

Oh, and it’s a blast!

We’ll dive twenty floors to bring future leaders skills in handling difficult situations while learning something new about themselves!

This is a reality rush. Twenty Floors Down is a must for preparing for life after high school. You learn a ton about yourself.

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